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CHEST- Philippine Delegation

Chapter Hymn



Music and Lyrics by Mon del Rosario


Here we stand…heart in hand,

True to the promises we made,

To lift the feet of the afflicted,

Across all nations, colors and creed!


Faith in God is our strength,

Fighting a foe that never tires,

Some will fall…some will be wounded,

But we will never accept defeat!


We’ll bring to men the Breath of Life!

The Voice of Truth… the Song of Hope!

To a world confused and crying in pain,

We will be the one ray of light!


                                       We’ll bring to men the Breath of Life                                      

  We cannot fail… we should unite!

     We have battles won… more wars to fight and…

  We will overcome in the end!

   We will overcome in the end!


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